The West Side of the Salt Lake Valley is where all the action is happening-  both in terms of growth, as well as vitality. Our only danger is increased traffic gridlock and a loss of open space. We need leadership that empowers the towns and cities of the West Side, and is not antagonistic or bullying.  As a former West Side mayor, I can assure you that I will not allow massive developments without first obtaining roads and infrastructure funding. Olympia Hills is a glaring example of ignoring the will of the people with short-sighted planning and vision. I will work with UDOT to ensure that we receive accelerated funding of Mountain View Corridor and Bangerter Highway. We may need to consider some kind of enhanced East-West connection as well. 

I will advocate Sustainable Growth, which means growth that maintains the area's livability. We will need turf parks for sports, open space, schools, as well as commercial and retail areas for shopping and business development. We need West Side jobs and car dealerships, movie theaters and arts programs. 

In short, I will work to ensure that the West Side gets its fair share of County and State funding. The West Side is my home and I want it to be a pleasure to live here for years to come!

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