West Side Equalization

While serving as Mayor, I noticed a blatant disparity of county funding which consistently favored the East Side cities. I was able to make some headway on this issue when we exposed the lobbyist controlled "Quarter of a quarter" funding as documented in the Deseret News. 1

But we can do more for the West Side. I propose a change to the ZAP funds and TRCC funds. Instead of an East-side favored committee abusing that money, we can make it PER CAPITA. In fact, we can make nearly all county funding per Capita. After all,  since we all pay into the pot, we should get our share. 

As the West Side continues to grow, we'll have greater numbers of people than the East. If we set-up most funds on a per capita basis, we'll eliminate the political football that has epitomized recent practices which have favored the East Side. 

The West Side is my home and I want it to be a pleasure to live here for years to come!

1) Backroom deals for transportation fund distribution need to end - Deseret News

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