Lower Taxes

The Liberty Bell

Economic liberty is human liberty, plain and simple. We each work hard for our wages and should have the freedom to do with our earnings as we please. Unfortunately, taxes can pose an undue burden in our lives. The county is a major offender in this area. For example, during the past 5 years, the county budget has grown by 40%, even though county population has only grown by 5%! The council has approved large tax increases in recent years. This is simply wrong. 

When I ran for mayor, I noticed South Jordan was running a surplus for several years. Because of this surplus, I made lower taxes my primary campaign promise. During our first budget meeting, by showing them the numbers, I convinced the council to lower property taxes by 2%. As you can imagine, there were many worthy-sounding ideas that were considered for that surplus money. But the council recognized that I had run a campaign which promised lower taxes, and so they felt that it was the will of the people to carry out that mandate.  Fortunately, most of them were actual fiscal conservatives. A year later, we noticed that our utility taxes were the highest in the area, so we lowered them by 20%. In spite of tax relief, we still ended 2016 with a large surplus. Instead of spending that money, we paid off the bond at Mulligans Golf and Games. We were able to make these tax cuts because we refused to hire unneeded new full time employees and we were blessed with a good city manager who was willing to work within the framework of lower taxes. 

The county provides several services which duplicate city services. During my time as mayor, I observed that cities are able to offer services much more efficiently than the county can.  The county needs an overhaul. It's obvious to anyone who has looked at the county budget for more than a passing glance. 


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