Meet Dave

Dave Alvord grew up in Sandy, Utah and attended Skyline High School in 1993. Dave was a member of the swim and water polo teams. In 2003, Dave married the love of his life, Laura Higley, who is a South Jordan native. After attending the University of Utah, Dave was accepted to the prestigious Case School of Dental Medicine where he graduated in 2004. In 2009, Dave opened a dental practice, Oquirrh Mountain Dental, in South Jordan. Dave currently has been selected to be CEO of Professional Insurance Exchange, a dental malpractice insurance company - a role he will assume this Autumn.

Dave and Laura love the West Side! 


Dave and Laura are the proud parents of 4 great kids: Megan, Will, Maci, and Molly. The girls love to dance and Will likes to ski and swim. Laura loves to volunteer at her children's school and in the community.  

Public Servant

In 2014 Dave served as mayor of South Jordan. The mayoral accomplishments that he's most proud of are 1) Lowering taxes  2) Repealing a high-density zone, and 3) Paying off the debt at Mulligans Golf and Games. Dave wants to serve you again in the Salt Lake County Council!


Dave is well known for being honest and fair in dealing with his patients. Oquirrh Mountain Dental has a loyal patient base and a stellar 5 out of 5 Google rating. Dave has the greatest team on the planet and they feel like family. 

Outdoor Enthusiast

Nothing helps blow off steam more than being outside and breaking a sweat!  Dave loves mountain biking, even though he doesn't take risks like his "mountain brethren" do. Dave also likes to ski and backpack in our wonderful outdoors. 


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