As Mayor, I witnessed the East Side get more than its fair share of county investment. 

My first job, if elected, is to shine a light on this problem and to help the West Side get more funding for parks, roads, and other funding. 

After all, we pay our share. We should have representatives who are alert and who are willing to fight for funding for programs and investments that we have been denied for far too long. 

This issue is dear to my heart and is what motivated to throw my hat in for this seat. 



In recent years, Salt Lake County has raised your property taxes, and grown its budget immensely. 
As Mayor of South Jordan, I was able to lower taxes twice. We did it by slowing the hiring of Full time employees and saying no to frivolous pet-projects and waste.

Salt Lake County does a lot right, but needs to constrain its mission to avoid things that cities do better and more efficiently. There are many services that the county provides which can be redirected or eliminated, leaving more money in your pocket. Economic liberty is essential. 


America is being reminded that systemic racism still exists in our midst. We can and must do better on this effort. I pledge to stamp out racism in our county government wherever it is discovered. 

That said, we cannot yield our cities and neighborhoods to lawlessness and we cannot allow our officers to shoulder all the blame of the actions of the few. We cannot allow them to be abused verbally or physically.   

I will stand with the brave men and women who protect us everyday. 




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Dave Alvord is married to Laura, and is the father of four kids who attend school in the Jordan School District. Dave practices dentistry in South Jordan, and served as South Jordan Mayor from 2014-2018. During his first month, he and the council repealed a zone overlay which would have placed housing density in inappropriate areas.

In the following years, Dave and the council lowered property taxes by 2% and then later Utility taxes by 20%. 

In 2016, Dave, Chris Rogers, Don Shelton, Mark Seethaler, and Chuck Newton championed the payoff of the bond at Mulligans Golf and Games, making that property profitable again. 

Throughout his term, Dave took the side of the people at city meetings when it came to the various local issues that were raised. 

Dave is a life-long conservative and has served in the Republican Party's State Central Committee as well as serving as State and County delegate. 



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